My training content is exclusive to Pluralsight

2000px-Pirate_Flag_of_Jack_Rackham.svgRecently I discovered that much of the content I have been working hard to create for you guys was ripped off and published at under an account of somebody claiming to be me.

I just want to let you guys know that all the training content I have created in the last few years has been exclusively with Pluralsight (  Pluralsight is an awesome resource that offers online on-demand training across a wide variety of topics.

I believe you can subscribe for as little as about $29/month and they also offer free trials. So, if you enjoy the content, go check out the real deal at  I have really been impressed with their platform.  You can stream any of your content 24x7x365 to any device.  I have it on my iPhone and iPad and really love it.

Anyways, again just a quick note.  If you see any training videos out there that I have done that are not on Pluralsight, my blog, or my official YouTube channel, they are ripoffs so please avoid. Also, you are probably paying way more than what you could get the actual legit content for : )

Happy studies!

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  • Joel Spencer says:


    My name is Joel. I am a happy, paying Pluralsight customer. Their courses are great! Especially the ones you have done.

    I am currently doing the BGP class. And I am building the topology in GNS3.

    Are the base configs available or do I need to build these from scratch?

    I have looked on the Pluralsight site and cannot see a download for the initial router configs.



    • Joe Astorino says:

      Thanks for watching Joel. Configs are not something that is included. Enjoy the courses. I am really especially happy with the IGP, BGP, and MPLS courses. I think they are pretty thorough resources on those topics.

    • Joe Astorino says:

      Cool man! Enjoy…it was a pleasure authoring the courses, and I am glad you like them. The hands on lab sections of these classes were done in dynamips using 3700 series routers, so you should be all set with GNS3.

  • Joel Spencer says:

    Thanks Joe! I “bit the bullet” and spent a couple of hours configuring the BGP labs in GNS3. Happy to report it is up and 100% functional now.

    I have also spun up a large, fairly complex MPLS network in GNS3. I will share the topology diagram if you like (via email???). It includes virtual Cisco boxes, virtual Juniper SRX boxes, virtual Centos and Ubuntu boxes.

    Right now I am hopping from the BGP class to the MPLS class, whilst revising OSPF.

    It’s fun!

    Thanks for replying.

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